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Sock Wars

Y'mean Fan Wars ARE serious business?!

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Welcome to Sock Wars, a spinoff community from shipwar and fandomwar! This is where the sockpuppets of the War Comms break away from the ship fights and fandom fights and take their vendettas personally! (Or become Best Friends Forever. Or have hot passionate hatesex. Whichever.) Anything from high school drama to college hijinks to fights within the Shipwar safehouse itself is fair game here! Now let the fisticuffs begin!

The Rules - don't worry, there aren't many.
1. Although this community is a spinoff from shipwar and fandomwar, it is not officially affiliated with them. Therefore, socks from those two communities are not obligated to join this one as well.
2. Having said that, if all the socks are going to do is fight over fandom matters, take it to shipwar or fandomwar, whichever's appropriate. Fandom fights can be mentioned here, but they shouldn't be the be-all and end-all of posts here, otherwise we'll be taking away from the original comms.
3. Socks are allowed to be serious here. In fact, the whole point of this community was to draw the overly-serious melodrama away from the original comms. That doesn't mean we can't have happy posts too, though! Basically, this is for those of us who like to develop our socks as though they were real characters. ^^;
4. All pornographic images and spoilers for actual series should be placed under an LJ-cut. Click here if you're not sure how to do this.
5. If you're intending to have a sock do something extreme to another sock, like serious sexual assault, please get consent from the other player (through OOC comments, email, messenger programs, or whatever), because they may or may not be comfortable with the idea. If the socks involved belong to the same person, just use your discretion and exercise a little consideration for the other players. (Consensual sex and cartoonish beatdowns are still completely fine, though)
6. Outright killing other people's socks is currently banned.
7. Players, don't fight with one another personally. If you can't agree to disagree, take it out in private, not in this community.

And that's about it. Have fun!
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