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by cartoonnerd (cartoonnerd)

[Comes into the safehouse wearing a Sephiroth costume – he’s in a bad mood.]

If Monica asks where I am, don't tell her I'm here. I had enough trouble dealing with her and her friends at that anime convention today.

by Sue Sockbat (lolgaypuppies)


*stomps off to print the pictures out again*

kairiisaslut [userpic]
by kairiisaslut (kairiisaslut)

[throws her sister's Pingu cuddly toy into Missy's room]

lol that wil teech that smelly fuktard not 2 b so cruel 2 me.

The icon is wrong because Kiyo is PISSED.
by Chastity Kaede (neuroliaranger)
at July 20th, 2008 (08:23 pm)

current mood: bitchy

*walks in the safehouse*

Alright, who's the smartass hitting on my sister?!

Um... Guys?
by Lucas of Tazmilly (tazmillytwin)
at July 19th, 2008 (05:02 pm)

current mood: embarrassed

I think I broke something.

The microwave oven's on fire.

((OoC: Because Sue's not the only one who sets kitchen appliances on fire. XD))

by cartoonnerd (cartoonnerd)

Hey, Patrick. Don't want to be mean but next time you come to my room about your....um.....'problems', could you at least not cut yourself beforehand? My Garfield carpet has now got bloodstains.

Actually, I wish he didn't come to my room at all.

I hate fantwits...
by Chastity Kaede (neuroliaranger)

*Chast comes in the safehouse, dressed up as Lelouch, with one hell of a pissed off expression.*

...Remind me why I decided to cosplay as Lelouch for my brother's cosplay party in his café?

Julia [userpic]
by Julia (mayxdecemberotp)

*staggers into the safehouse looking like hell*

...my ears. He wouldn't...ugh, if I ever hear that idiot breathe near me again...

Bridget [userpic]
Laying down some ground rules
by Bridget (doesnotrespect)

What utter chaos in this safehouse! As I have no respect whatsoever for disorderly households, some ground rules are required if I am going to be staying here.

1. There will be no loud noises after 11pm. That includes you, Maxie Winnage! Unlike the vast majority of you, I am a hard-working woman with a job and do not appreciate being kept awake at night.

2. There will be no interruptions while I am in the shower. That includes you, Rod Smith!

3. When it's my turn to cook, you will eat everything I put on your plate. No expections. That includes you, Michelle McLeech!

4. I refuse to cook for anyone who ships Lockon/Tieria. That includes you, Janet Majors!

5. Nobody is allowed to enter my room for any reason, because I will not stand for anyone making a mess of it. That includes you, Hannah White! I instantly lose respect for anyone who believes my room is anything less than perfectly tidy, by the way.

And finally...

6. There will be no enquiries as to why I am staying here. I don't see anyone asking anyone else why they're in this safehouse, after all. That includes you, Cassandra Ironbachs!

These rules come into effect immediately and must be adhered to without question; if not, I will instantly lose respect for you, if I haven't already done so.

Patrick [userpic]
by Patrick (teh_joker)

*takes an exaggerated tumble down the stairs and holds his leg*

MOLLY, YOU DIRTY WHORE!!! Why did you push me when you know I'm so delicate and bruise easily?!?! Gordy-chan, Syrius-chan, Ralphie-chan, HELP MEEEEEEE!!!! Come save me and tend to me like the wounded gazelle I am while yelling at Molly and making her cry cause she was mean to meeee!!!!

Kristan Rose Black [userpic]
::swirls into the safehouse in tears::
by Kristan Rose Black (queenofthedusk)

Bridget Johnson is a wretched, horrible person with no soul, and I shall never forgive her! ::melodramatic sobs::

Huh, I come back to something I hate.
by Ciel (interstella_sky)
at June 12th, 2008 (09:03 pm)

current mood: determined

People who uses religion has an excuse to live like complete idiots? And they're part of my religion? Good lord, now I have a reason to come here more often. It's people like them who makes me ashamed to be of the Catholic church.

*sighs, leans on the Assumption, then works with her iPod* I love this song... Petitcodiac...

by Joe Kickass (threesomesftw)
at June 10th, 2008 (09:27 pm)
current mood: big brother mode GO!

Guys? We're gonna have an extra person in the house for a week, hope that's okay.

*has a shy-looking blonde 16-year-old girl at his side*

This is my sister, Kate. She's shy and sensitive and I'm warning certain people in advance, don't give her any crap or you will get it. I'm Mr. Laid Back about a lot of things, but my sister is fucking serious business so if you can't be decent to her, GTFO.

((OOC: I'm gonna have Kate as an anonymouse from time to time, like with Howie. XD))

by Josephine (protectchildren)

* throws a piece of fanart involving all the Sailor Scouts in an orgy into the fireplace *

That's the last one! Hopefully after this, Ron will stop being a disgusting young man and actually behave properly. Now, I need to know where Maxie keeps her awful images. 

<i>(OOC edit: I hope that this is okay, Sara. I should have asked you earlier and if it isn't then I'll delete the post.)</i>

Well, what do we have here!!
by Marion LeRoy (inhopestrance)
at June 3rd, 2008 (06:59 pm)

current mood: busy

Kevin managed to snag me a name he saw around here that never got used, so if the username seems familiar, that's why.

Alright, so on to introductions!

My name is Marion, and I'm Kevin's mother. You might know me around as Black Lachesis at his forums, as well as one of the fellow admins. Pleased to meet you all, and I hope you don't mind having a 38 years old mother around here.

sorakh [userpic]
Taa Daa! Essie Edition Bingo!
by sorakh (sorakh28)
at June 3rd, 2008 (03:51 pm)

current mood: accomplished

What do you think?Collapse )

Maylene [userpic]
by Maylene (godlovesyouall)

 Hello, dears. I just thought I should introduce myself

My name is Maylene (or May for short), and I love Jesus. I hope you do, too. When I found fandom, I was so astonished and creeped by the sinful dirt and I wish to change that. I care about everyone, and believe everyone has a chance to redeem themself; no matter the evil. I am a wife and a mother of two sons and I have been practicing love and faith in Christ since 12.

My favorite character of all time is Riku from Kingdom Hearts. The games have shown that he resisted the temptation of the darkness and embraced the love of the LORD. He realized his wrongdoings and repented, and I can relate to him. I think we all can. :)

I'm sure you all are vivid, intelligent people and I'd love to make new friends! ♥



by Pit and Ash (novo_icarus)
at May 30th, 2008 (09:36 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Guess who's back? Back again? 'Toshi's back, tell a friend!

Yep, Manaphy's done with the Heart Swap! Except with Lucas and Ness, but that's another story altogether.

Anyway, I heard Red's done some pretty bad damage in my body, and I've got to say, I appologies to Hannah. Red's got some... personal issues with bashing as a whole.

So, what did I missed?

Julia [userpic]
Argh, Lucy!
by Julia (mayxdecemberotp)

Look what one of her little pals from the X/1999 forums sent me in an email the other day!

how dare you!!! ur so mean for bashing luce's story she worked so hard and your just jelous that shes prettier and her love for nataku is beautiful and pure and yuzuriha is a bitchy sluthead who uses kusanagi for sex!!!!! if u ever flame her again ill be very very mean!!!!!"

Of course, it could be Lucy faking that she has anyone who would stand up for her crappy fics other than Mary Ellen, and she doesn't do X/1999 because it's too dark and complex for her. :P

Trisha [userpic]
by Trisha (heyimsotrendy)

I, like, just got banned from the Gundam forums! >:O

Janet, this is like, totally your doing, isn't it?! Either you or that blue-haired bitch! You're the ones who're always, like, sticking up for that untrendy dweeb Maya everywhere, aren't you?! How dare you!!

And the Pat bingo is done!
by Pit and Ash (novo_icarus)
at May 22nd, 2008 (08:50 pm)

current mood: productive

So, what do you think?

by Josephine (protectchildren)

Missy, will you please take a shower? Your refusal to wash yourself may persuade my children to do the same. Please set a good example to them. Children should not smell.